MILVS FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Do I need a tune to run MILVS V.1?

A: A tune is not required to run the V.1 version of MILVS, however to maximize power potential, a tune is recommended. This is more applicable to Naturally Aspirated applications (N51/N52) as turbocharged engines such as the N55 are limited by boost pressure, not MAF (Mass Air Flow) readings.

Q: Do I need to send my Original Supports prior to receiving the new units?

A: Nope! Simply purchase the MILVS, install them, then send in your old ones in the original packaging for a $50 rebate.

Q: What is a MILVS and what does it do?

A: A MILVS, or Machined Intake Lift Valvetronic Support(s), is an OEM Support that has been re-manufactured to new specification. They allow for increase in intake valve lift and duration which results in more mid-range torque and upper-end horsepower.

Q: What motors does this apply to?

A: This product is able to be used with N20, N26, N51, N52, N55, and S55 engines with varying results.

Q: How long until I receive my item after the order is placed?

A: Early production units are made to order and as such, may take 5-10 business days to deliver. Soon these units will be in-stock and ready to ship next-day!

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