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N and S Series MILVS V.1

These first generation MILVS (Machined Intake Lift Valvetronic Supports) are a direct bolt-on replacement for your factory components. Benefits can be seen on all compatible applications, both Turbocharged and Naturally Aspirated.

These V.1 units are designed to produce +1mm of Intake Valve lift at WOT while increasing duration 3 degrees. This allows for more air to enter the cylinders and create more power! Version 2 - (to get into making power sooner and longer in the RPM Band)


Note: The MILVS is designed to be complimented by an exhaust camshaft upgrade on the N55 engines to balance the +1mm lift symmetrically, however will still yield positive gains alone.

Compatibility: N20, N26, N51, N52, N55, and S55 engines


Core Rebate: A $50 refund will be issued to customers who send in their original supports


Read about MILVS here:


Installation Guide: Coming soon!

Sale price$425.00 USD
N and S Series MILVS V.1
N and S Series MILVS V.1 Sale price$425.00 USD